Here you will find answers to questions we often get regarding the Ballerine®. The information below does not replace the patient information sheet. There you will find important information about what you need to know when using the pearl IUD, including when it should not be used and what side effects may occur.

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Hormon-free high-tech-contraception for 5 years. The IUB Ballerine® is a birth control method that requires no hormones and is effective up to five years. The IUB Ballerine® works along the same principle as other intrauterine devices and prevents pregnancy. The preventive effect comes mainly from the copper.

Ballerine har en ram som är tillverkad av formminneslegeringen nitinol och täckt med polymer. Flera kopparpärlor är sedan uppträdda på den livmodervänliga ramen.

The efficacy of the IUB Ballerine is over 99% in pregnancy prevention.


As soon as the IUB Ballerine is inserted in your uterus , it starts releasing small amounts of copper to provide continuous birth control for up to 5 years. The method of action is similar to standard intrauterine devices.

Copper IUDs achieve their primary contraceptive effect by interfering with sperm mobility and fertilization of an egg, and possibly prevention of implantation.

  • An object is placed in the uterus to to prevent the egg from attaching to the uterus wall.

  • Copper ions:

    • disrupt the fertilization process in the uterus

    • limit the mobility och the sperms

    • prevent the sperms from fertilizing the egg

During sexual intercourse you and your partner should not feel the IUB Ballerine when inserted correctly. If you or your partner can feel the strings, your health care provider can shorten them.

The reason why you won't feel the Ballerine is that it's placed in the uterus and not in the vagina:

The hormon-free IUB Ballerine is inserted in your uterus during an office visit after an individual consultation by your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider will first perform an examination to check the position of your uterus and see if you can have a Ballerine. After measuring the length of your uterus, the Ballerine is inserted through a narrow insertion tube. The tube is only 3.2 mm in diameter, which is the smallest available compared to the insertion tube of other IUDs.

The insertion tube is removed and the IUB Ballerine® remains in your uterus where it immediately begins to protect against unwanted pregnancy. To make sure that the IUB Ballerine® has been placed correctly your healthcare provider can choose to do an examination with ultrasound after the insertion.

The best time to insert Ballerine is during the last days of your period when the cervix is ​​more open and when the risk of you becoming pregnant when inserting is lowest.

4-12 weeks after the insertion, an examination should take place at a return visit. After that, a recurring check-up with your healthcare provider is recommended once a year, but you and your care provider will decide on this together.

Ballerine kan sättas in direkt i samband med uttag av din nuvarande spiral. 

Because the Ballerine is much smaller than traditional IUDs, both in size of the IUD itself and the insertion tube used to insert the IUD into the uterus, for many it can be easily inserted without any pain relief. Insertion of Ballerine can, however, hurt if the cervix is very tight. In such cases, a local anesthetic or medication is recommended to help the muscles around the cervix relax. If you know you are sensitive to pain, you can ask your healthcare provider to use a 
local anesthetic or a preventive pain-reducing treatment.

Immediately after insertion, it can hurt (similar to menstrual cramps) but there is nothing to worry about. The uterus needs some time to adjust to the Ballerine. The pain usually subsides quickly.

If the pain does not subside or if you feel anxious, you should talk to your healthcare provider as soon as possible to clarify the situation.

Comparison between insertion tubes of different IUDs:

Det kan finnas olika möjligheter till smärtlindring. Fråga din barnmorska eller gynekolog vad de erbjuder på den mottagning som du ska sätta in Ballerine på.

Då kontaktar du en av mottagningarna på Ballerine-kartan. Om du väljer att ta ut Ballerine är det viktigt att du går till en mottagning som fått utbildning på hur man tar ut Ballerine. Detta gäller även om din Ballerine skulle vara delvis utstött. Kontakta din mottagning som satte in din Ballerine eller en annan mottagning på Ballerine-kartan. Kom ihåg att om din Ballerine blivit utstött eller delvis utstött kan du få en ny Ballerine gratis (kostnader för besök kan tillkomma). Detta ingår i din garanti. Mottagningen behöver då göra en reklamation till oss.

After placement of the IUB Ballerine® heavier, longer periods and spotting between periods can occur - most of these side effect diminish after 2-3 months.

Rarely, the IUB Ballerine® goes through the wall of the uterus, especially during placement. This is called perforation. If the IUB Ballerine® perforates the uterus it should be removed. Surgery may be needed. If the IUB Ballerine® perforates the uterus you are not protected from pregnancy.

The IUB Ballerine® may partially or completely fall out of the uterus. This is called expulsion. Women who have never been pregnant may be more likely to expel the IUB Ballerine® than women who have been pregnant before.

Please refer to the patient information leaflet for the full list of side effects that can occur.

En mycket ovanlig biverkning är att Ballerine vid insättning går igenom livmoderväggen, detta kallas för perforation och är oftast ofarligt. Om detta sker ska Ballerine avlägsnas med detsamma men i vissa fall kan det behövas operation. Risken för perforation är större månaderna efter förlossning och totalt sett är det mycket ovanligt att det sker, rapporterade perforationer med Ballerine är för närvarande 6 av 10 000 insättningar.

Har du fler frågor angående biverkningar, kontakta oss eller prata med din vårdgivare.

Are you looking for a hormone-free contraceptive that you do not need to take every day, month or every intercourse? A contraceptive that you can have for up to 5 years without having to think about it? Which can also be removed at any time to be fertile again immediately?
Then the IUB Ballerine® might be for you!

The IUB Ballerine® can also be an alternative for you who have tried the copper IUD before or already have a copper IUD and feel uncomfortable. Or if you have a contraceptive with hormones and feel unwell. Feel free to talk to your healthcare provider to see if the IUB Ballerine® may be for you.

You should not use the IUB Ballerine® if you:

• might be pregnant.

• have an abnormally shaped uterus.

• have a pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or have current behavior that puts you at risk of PID (for example, if you or your partner are having sexual intercourse with multiple partners).

• have a high risk of being exposed to an STD. In this case it is recommended to also use a condom, as Ballerine does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. 

• have cancer of the uterus or cervix.

• have an infection in your cervix.

• have Wilson's disease (a disorder in how the body handles copper)

• are allergic to any of the IUB Ballerine®'s materials (copper, nickel, titanium, PET and polypropylene).

• already have an intrauterine contraceptive in your uterus. 

• Är allergisk mot något av materialen som finns i Ballerine.

• Redan har en spiral i din livmoder.

The first 1-3 periods after insertion, you may experience heavier periods than usual as the uterus needs time to adjust to the IUB Ballerine®. These side effects usually diminish after 1-3 months. After that, Ballerine usually has a very small effect on your period.

Yes, you can use both menstrual cups or tampons with the IUB Ballerine®, but the risk of expulsion is slightly greater, mainly with menstrual cups.

The risk that exists is that you get hold of the withdrawal threads when you take out the menstrual cup, then you may happen to pull down the IUB Ballerine® or pull it out completely. To reduce the risk of this, you should tell your healthcare provider that you use a menstrual cup, then the healthcare provider can cut the threads a little shorter to reduce the risk.

Therefore, be extra careful when you take out the menstrual cup so you do not get hold of the threads.

Vid insättning av spiral finns en risk för infektion i livmodern. Detta gäller alla typer av spiral. Risken är väldigt liten och sker antingen om mottagningen inte varit noggrann med steriliteten av sina produkter och instrument eller om det redan finns en infektion i slidan som sedan tar sig upp i livmodern, vilket kan ske om instrumenten kommer i kontakt med slidan och sedan förs in i livmodern. Det är väldigt ovanligt att det sker och extra ovanligt i Sverige. 

You will be fertile again immediately after the IUB Ballerine® has been removed.

När kan man sätta in Ballerine efter förlossning?

Man brukar rekommendera att vänta i 6 veckor efter förlossning. Rådgör med din gynekolog eller barnmorska.

The main difference is that traditional IUDs are T-shaped. The IUB Ballerine® is instead shaped as a three-dimensional flexible ball that can adapt to the shape of the uterus. Thanks to this, it can be seen that side effects such as pain, cramps, bleeding and perforations are reduced compared to traditional T-shaped IUDs.

Another difference is that IUB Ballerine® has the smallest insertion tube on the market, which makes the insertion as smooth as possible. IUB Ballerine® has an insertion tube that is 3.2 mm in diameter. Other IUDs have insertion tubes between 3.65 and 4.8 mm in diameter, which makes them more difficult to insert.

The amount of copper released from the beads in the IUB Ballerine® is minimal, it is a few micrograms per day. The recommended daily intake of copper is 2 milligrams per day.
(2 milligrams = 2,000 micrograms)

Studies have also been done to check if women with copper IUDs have more copper in their blood than those without copper coils and there they have not seen any difference.

However, there are people who are allergic to copper but it is very unusual. About 1 in 200,000 people have this type of allergy and in the IUB Ballerine® it is medical copper, which means that the risk of allergic reaction is even lower than with copper that you come in contact with on a daily basis.

T-shaped IUDs are all made of plastic skeletons, which can be good because it is cheap to manufacture and relatively durable. However, it is not particularly flexible or adaptable, which is why we have looked at other materials with the IUB Ballerine®. Finally, we came up with the material nitinol that is used in healthcare for stents (heart surgery, etc.) and other advanced areas of use where flexibility and durability are important. This allows you to compress the IUB Ballerine® as you like or make it completely straight as a thread so it can easily be inserted into the uterus, but it will always want to return to its original spherical shape.

Nitinol is a metal alloy that is a mixture of titanium and nickel, it is then covered with polymer (plastic) so as not to excrete any metals and the number of reported side effects due to allergies is a total of 0.05% (about 30 people out of over 60,000 insertions). That statistic includes all forms of removing the IUB Ballerine® due to an allergic reaction.

Om du har en allergi mot nickel bör du inte använda Ballerine. Rådgör med din vårdgivare.

Absolutely! The insertion tube on the IUB Ballerine® is only ø3.2 mm - which is the smallest of all IUDs available. Because the insertion tube is so small, IUB Ballerine® is very easy to insert regardless of age and regardless of whether you've given birth to a child or not.

In Sweden, it depends on where you live and how old you are. However, as for now it costs 1249 SEK for all customers in Sweden when you order it from our website. 

Ballerine kostar 1249kr när du beställer den från vår hemsida. Har du frågor? Do you have questions? Contact us.

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